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MGA is proud to announce that we will organise a Club & Turf Management  Seminar on November 12 & 13, 2018 at Horizon Hills Golf & Country Club, Johor.
This time, the Seminar will incorporate all 3 essential subjects i.e. Club Management, Turf Management as well as an Industry Field Day.

The first Seminar, Club Management to be held on Monday, 12 November 2018 will mostly focus on club management and targeted at rank and  file club employees, front office staff, executives, marshals,  starters and any employee who deals directly with the members and  guests.

The second day Seminar, the Turf Management is mainly focusing on turf/irrigation matters. This Seminar is targeted at Course Superintendents, Club Managers, General Managers, staff who handled machinery and others who are responsible in the course maintenance.

A Field Day would be held on Day Two right after the completion of the Turf Management Seminar for turf and machinery/ fertiliser suppliers  to display and promote their products.

Registration Fee is RM200.00 for 1 Seminar or if you opt to attend both including the Field Day, the Fee is only RM350.00.