Standard Operating Procedures



The following shall be the minimum Fees and Allowances for Referees

a. Course Marking RM250.00 (TD) / RM230.00 (CR) per course (18 holes) per event day per person
b. Tournament Director RM250.00 per event day per person
c. Chief Referee RM230.00 per event day per person
d. Referee RM200.00 per 18 holes event per person
e. Pre Tournament Briefing RM50.00 applicable for two or more day’s event (or subject for any prior request and approved by RSC). Note: RM50.00 is inclusive of item ‘f ‘& ‘g’ Attendance is compulsory.
f. Travel Allowance


[in addition to above fees]
RM30.00 per day if within 50km, or,


60 cent per kilometer, whichever is higher.

g. Toll and parking As per receipts or ‘Touch N Go’ card






(If required)

Single Room

Occupancy Only


If accommodation is required, the Host Club, the Organizer or MGA will arrange. If accommodation is provided and the Referee does not wish to be accommodated, subject to agreement of the Host Club or Organizer, an allowance of RM100.00 per night shall be paid but no additional mileage claims will be entertained.
i. Food & Beverages Host Club or Organizers will provide all required meals and refreshments to Referee from start of assignment, which may include the day before the event or when the Referee becomes available at the event venue. If the Host Club or Organizers provide meals, there shall be no claim by the Referee for such meals provided. If meals are not provided by the Host Club, the following rates shall be paid:


a.   Breakfast      RM 20.00

b.   Lunch           RM 20.00

c.   Dinner           RM 30.00

Note: No dinner shall be provided or claimed for one-day tournaments or on last day of event.

  1.  If the Host Club agrees to bear all Referee expenses, the Invoice to the Host Club, will be based on Referee Claims, which should be submitted not later than two weeks after the event.
  2. If only a single Referee is appointed, the Referee Fee is RM250.00 per day.
  3. For Professional Competition except Malaysian Open, the Referee Fee is a flat rate of RM250.00 per Referee per day
  4. A one-day competition does not require course marking unless specifically requested by the organizers or Host Club; hence Item “a” above shall apply.
  5. If you are invited personally to officiate in any tournaments, please make sure either you or the organizer inform the MGA in writing regarding the appointment. This is to ensure proper record of Referee assignment and coverage of Personal Accident insurance.
  6. In the event of field are 60 and above participants two Referees shall be required.
  7. For double session event and additional RM 100.00 will be applicable except for no 4.