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COVID-19 Infographic: Expanded use of Most Likely Score

Find out how to properly post scores when raised hole-liners are in effect

Handicapping Statistics

Find out where your Handicap Index stacks up against other golfers in the U.S.

Article: Want to Establish a Handicap Index? Join the Club

Learn about how to get a Handicap Index and what you need to know when starting out

Infographic: Conducting a Competition Under the WHS

A detailed info graphic to assist Committees with conducting net competitions

Digital Book: Handicapping Reference Guide

Digital version of an easy-to-read booklet covering everything a player needs to know

Video: Playing Conditions Calculation Explained

Learn about how daily scores are used to evaluate course and weather conditions

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Getting a Handicap Index

Find out how easy it is to establish a Handicap Index!

How to use your Handicap Index

Learn about the new Course and Playing Handicap calculations under the WHS