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The MGA, as Governing Authority for the Rules of Golf in Malaysia takes the educational aspect if its role very seriously. With the new Rules of Golf taking effect from January 2019, we wish to educate golfers, club committee and club management so that they can be Ready on the new Rules.

The MGA Rules committee adopts R&A’s three-tier Rules educational programme that aims to graduate delegates through each stage by conducting appropriate Rules and refereeing courses.

Please contact MGA should any golf clubs, event organizers or groups of golfers (more than 40 participants) are interested to organise Rules briefing or seminars for their club members or stakeholders on the new rules.


Learning The New Rules Of Golf

Making the Rules of Golf easier for all golfers to understand and apply and less intimidating for newcomers to the sport is important to The R&A.

Golf is a self-regulating sport which relies on players interpreting and applying the Rules correctly on the golf course and educating golfers on the new Rules of Golf has been a particular focus for The R&A and its affiliates around the world since they were introduced in January.

Rules education comprises three levels: Level 1 and Level 2 courses focus on learning the fundamentals of the Rules and understanding their application in various situations.

Many of these courses are run by national governing bodies affiliated to The R&A and they are vital for ensuring that golfers have opportunities to learn about the Rules.

For example, the Malaysian Golf Association has run over ten seminars for Level 1 and Level 2 candidates, and multiple club presentations; Golf RSA has run nine Level 2 seminars and many more club presentations across South Africa; and England Golf has run 60 seminars for Club Committee members with many Level 2 seminars planned for late 2019.

Many more Level 1 and Level 2 seminars are due take place in the coming months, including those to be run by the Singapore Golf Association, the Norwegian Golf Federation, Sri Lanka Golf, Argentine Golf Association, the Swedish Golf Federation, Korea Golf Association, Brazilian Golf Confederation, Indian Golf Union and the Danish Golf Union.

Level 3 is aimed at educating referees and tournament administrators and a number of Level 3 seminars are conducted by The R&A in various regions around the world each year.

Providing access to supporting materials in multiple languages has been crucial to supporting The R&A’s drive to provide education about the new Rules of Golf.

The Rules and their accompanying education materials have been translated with the support of national governing bodies into nearly 30 languages, with more to follow. The Rules of Golf mobile app has also been made available in 10 languages, again with others due to be added.

At the professional and elite amateur levels of the sport, The R&A has been assisting with education on the new Rules and representatives have attended events on the European Tour and LPGA Tour, as well as amateur events such as the South American Amateur Championship and the Latin American Amateur Championship.

Education at these events involved presentations and practical demonstrations for the players as well as providing players with the opportunity to ask any questions that they wished. 

The education programme aims to reach all golfers of all abilities around the world and The R&A Rules Academy offers the Level 1 Seminar online. To access an online version of the Level 1 Rules Seminar, visit The R&A’s Rules Academy

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