National Handicapping System

National Handicapping System Sub-Committee



Functions and Authorities

The Handicap Sub-Committee shall consist of a Chairman and such person who are knowledgeable on handicap systems as he shall appoint subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. Members of the Handicap Sub-Committee shall serve for one year up to the next Annual General Meeting but may be re-appointed.

The functions and authorities of Handicap Sub-Committee shall be;

  1. to establish and regulate a national handicap system using the USGA Handicap System unless it is replaced by another system by the Executive Committee;
  2. to work with any operator for implementing the system;
  3. to monitor and control its income and expenditure within the budget approved by the Executive Committee and to report any deviations therefrom;
  4. to work with Affiliates and to assist them to use the national handicap system;
  5. to make regular reports to the Executive Committee and to keep the Executive Committee fully informed: and
  6. to perform such other functions as may be delegated to it by the Executive Committee.